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Author Topic: Forex trading  (Read 34 times)
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« on: April 06, 2019, 05:44:14 PM »

Have you ever encountered something waiting for an outcome with a high probability of occurrence, assume that you are 90%, but the market is moving against your expectation? What did you do at this time?
Yes, of course this happens. But you should not be so confused as that. Before you try to recognize the situation. One of the surprises of this method is that the price warns you. In other ways, the price may have gone a lot before you find a reason to change your mind. It does not matter if sometimes it is difficult to recognize the patterns, it will always return in satisfaction in the form of classic patterns.

Can you explain how the science of wave structure is involved in transactions?
For example, the end of the fourth wave, which is a return, can not interfere with the first wave rally. If so, it's no longer the fourth wave. In this case, the fourth wave has not yet begun, and this is the third wave that is forming under the waves. Knowing this concept will prevent you from confronting the opposing waves. Another basic concept is that the third wave is never the shortest wave, but is usually the largest one. The third wave is a stage that can identify many people in the market.
افضل توصيات العملات
"Waves do not make mistakes, but my interpretation may be false."
الربح من الفوركس
But there is always a correct pattern and it's a matter of recognizing it. Why is the success rate to fail with precision above 40.50.60 and not even 80%?
Firstly, since Eliot recognized that the market follows the rules like chess, it's not because you can predict the next move on the market. All that you can offer is probabilities. But psychological problems are just as much a barrier. Hamilton Bolton has said, "When using Elliot, it's the hardest thing to learn, believing what he saw." Despite all my knowledge, I've been caught up in this problem more than once. It is a fact that even the best result analysis with a very high probability, where psychological feelings are involved, is debatable. As Frost has advised that "the market always mixes its various choices of gaming probabilities, the result will be a lot of slippage in judgment.
With all this, I have to emphasize, the success of Elliott against other methods is still better, and this is the only rational basis for judging its value. In addition, the great importance of wavelength laws is not so large that it provides a high percentage of expectations on the market, but always gives a visually good visitor to the investor.
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