Friends of Harry (FOH) consider themselves to be more sound laboratory than  band. When they figure ouds of t what it is they do, they'll most likely try something else.

Founded initially in early 1999 by Buzz and D-Lux as a completely different project, FOH evolved out of the failure to complete that project. "Failure at one thing is success at another" would seem to be part FOH's philosophy, which is not an actual philosophy but rather a bunch  of vague interlocking notions.

Invited by Beast to a jam session where no one else showed became the basis for the current line-up. Buzz, D-Lux, and Beast were almost immediately joined by Q. There have been many guests, but they remain Acquaintances of Harry. FOH began with all synthesizers, then with Beast and Q went entirely acoustic, and is now a bit of everything, and anything.

A sound laboratory.

As usual, the less said  the better. Check out the "sounds" of Friends of Harry.

Update: In 2003, “Maestro” joined the band....